PNIA Main Event (Day 3): Cards In The Air

Level 38 (100,000/200,000/30,000)
Total PNIA Main Event Entries: 1,224
Total Players Remaining: 5
Chip Average: 4,895,000

Players have taken their seats and play is ready to get started at the Poker Night in America Main Event. Play will begin at the start of Level 38 with each level remaining at 40 minutes in length. As a reminder, the Twitch live stream will be broadcasting on a 30-minute delay. Anyone interested in tuning into live stream should click here.

The Choctaw blog will be here providing updates for the full duration of the final table as we play down to a champion.


PNIA Main Event (Day 3): Final Table Set To Get Started

Level 38 (100,000/200,000/30,000)
Total PNIA Main Event Entries: 1,224
Total Players Remaining: 5
Chip Average: 4,895,000

It has been an incredible couple of days of poker here at Choctaw and we’re now a few hours away from crowning the next Poker Night in America Main Event Champion. It will make for an interesting dynamic with the average stack at only 24 big blinds and major pay jumps lurking for each elimination.

Miguel Hernandez starts today as our chip leader after riding a late surge to the top during the latter stages of the final table. Things have been falling Hernandez’s way for much of today as he nears his first career main event victory. Despite having the chip lead, Hernandez will face stiff competition from Adrian Buckley and Johannsy Joseph, both of whom are one hand from claiming the chip lead. With Buckley sitting on Hernandez’s direct left, it will be interesting to see how that dynamic plays out between the two biggest stacks at the table.

Buckley is probably the most well-known player at the final table by virtue of his win in the 2015 World Series of Poker “Millionaire Maker.” Buckley followed that run up with another final table appearance this summer and is in search of another title.

While perhaps not as familiar in this part of the country, Johanssy Joseph is well regarded on the East Coast. Joseph has over $767,000 in career earnings and a win here today would mark his second largest career score as he took third in the Planet Hollywood Main Event this summer for $239,000.

Gints Galvins and Jonathan Alfonso have their work cut out for them as short stacks, but with chips at a premium, any double up will put them right back in the thick of things. Both grinded and laddered up to perfection during the unofficial final table and if a few things go their way early, we may see a shift across the chip spectrum.

For Galvins, this cash marks only the second of his tournament career after notching a smaller score at Choctaw earlier this year. Alfonso recently crossed the $100,000 in career earnings and wherever he places will be the largest score of his career.

The live stream final table will start at 2:00 pm with the stream running on a 30-minute delay. Anyone interested in watching the stream should click here. We’re nearing the end of what has been a fantastic tournament as we close in on hanging the banner of the next Choctaw Champion.

Below is a look at the chips counts for all players along with the remaining payouts.

  1. Miguel Hernandez – 8,300,000 (44 bb)
  2. Adrian Buckley – 7,050,000 (35 bb)
  3. Gints Galvins – 2,820,000 (14 bb)
  4. Johannsy Joseph – 4,625,000 (23 bb)
  5. Jonathan Alfonso – 1,700,000 (9 bb)
  1. $210,737
  2. $130,601
  3. $95,849
  4. $72,424
  5. $55,268

PNIA Main Event (Day 2): Final Table Set For Tomorrow

Level 38 (100,000/200,000/30,000)
Total PNIA Main Event Entries: 1,224
Total Players Remaining: 5
Chip Average: 4,895,000

Miguel Hernandez will come into tomorrow with the chip lead as he shoots for his first career major tournament victory. 

It was a long day of poker to get to this point, but the final table of five for tomorrow’s Poker Night in America live stream has been reached. What started as a race to the money bubble turned into a slog to the finish line. When all was said and done, though, the five players who made it through hell and high water are certainly worthy of their accomplishment.

Miguel Hernandez will come into tomorrow as the chip leader after eliminating Brady Hooper in the last hand of the night to move over 8,000,000. Hernandez battled all day long to make it to this point and is, for now, close to a career-best $210,000 score.

Hernandez will face stiff competition tomorrow as Adrian Buckley and Johanssy Joseph are second and third, respectively on the chip counts. Both players have tournament victories to their name and have the experience required to close out another win.

Gints Galvins and Jonathan Alfonso are at the bottom of the leaderboard but are worthy opponents based on the display both put on today. Each grinded stacks of all shapes and sizes and dug their heels in to make it this far.

Play will start at 2:00 pm tomorrow with a live stream  of the final table to be broadcast on Twitch. The Choctaw blog will also be providing updates for the final table as we near the end of another exciting Poker Night in America Main Event. A look at the seating assignments for tomorrow’s final table is below.

  1. Miguel Hernandez – 8,300,000
  2. Adrian Buckley – 7,050,000
  3. Gints Galvins – 2,820,000
  4. Johanssy Joseph – 4,625,000
  5. Jonathan Alfonso – 1,700,000

PNIA Main Event (Day 2): 6th Place – Brady Thorpe ($42,540)

Level 37 (80,000/160,000/20,000)
Total PNIA Main Event Entries: 1,224
Total Players Remaining: 5
Chip Average: 4,895,000

6th Place: Brady Thorpe ($42,540)

For all of the things that went right for Brady Thorpe in the latter stages of play today, the one-time chip leader had a relative cooler occur right on the bubble of the official final table. Thorpe picked up the right cards at the right time at almost every juncture today but it was Miguel Hernandez who finally got the best of him when it mattered most.

Hernandez opened to 325,000 from early position and action folded to Thorpe, who three-bet all-in for 3,525,000. After Jonathan Alfonso released his big blind, Hernandez called immediately to put Thorpe at risk.

Thorpe showed J♠J♣ which trailed the K♣K of Hernandez. The K♠2♣2 flop effectively ended the drama and Thorpe hit the rail. Despite coming up short of the final table, Thorpe has plenty of reason to look back on the last two days of poker fondly as he was able to pick up his largest career score in this event.

The final five players are now bagging their chips and will return to play tomorrow’s final table at 2:00 pm. A recap from today will be posted shortly.

PNIA Main Event (Day 2): 7th Place – Bart Bogard ($33,125)

Level 36 (70,000/140,000/20,000)
Total PNIA Main Event Entries: 1,224
Total Players Remaining: 6
Chip Average: 4,080,000

7th Place: Bart Bogard ($33,125)

Bart Bogard was the chip leader midway through play on Day 2 but saw his stock drop as the final table neared. Bogard came in as one of the short stacks and despite laddering up a few spots, was eliminated a few hands after Bob Beck.

Brady Thorpe moved all-in for 1,595,000 from the hijack and Bogard called all-in for about 1,205,000 from the button. Adrian Buckley thought for a few moments about his next move and eventually gave it up.

As has been the case most of tonight, Thorpe was ahead in dominating fashion with KK♣ against the 1010♠ of Bogard. The board ran out ace-high and the start of Day 2 chip leader was sent out after putting out an impressive display during this event.

We are officially now on the final table with Jonathan Alfonso still the short playing around 10 big blinds.

PNIA Main Event (Day 2): 8th Place – Bob Beck ($26,096)

Level 36 (70,000/140,000/20,000)
Total PNIA Main Event Entries: 1,224
Total Players Remaining: 7
Chip Average: 3,500,000

8th Place: Bob Beck (26,096)

Bob Beck was riding high after taking a large pot from Schuyler Thornton that preempted Thornton’s ninth place finish. With the high blinds in place, Beck was cut down shortly after and would end up losing all of his chips to Gints Galvins who is over 8,000,000 and holds a commanding lead on the field.

From early position, Galvins raised to 375,000 and Beck put in a three-bet to 1,000,000 from the small blind. Galvins called and the flop came out A♣6♠3. Beck open-shoved for 1,850,000 and Galvins snap-called with A♣K♣. Beck was dismayed as he rolled over 1010♠.

The turn and rivers were blanks for Beck as he hits the rail after a great performance today. With the field now only two eliminations from the official final table, all eyes are on short stacks Jonathan Alfonso and Bart Bogard.

PNIA Main Event (Day 2): 9th Place – Schuyler Thornton ($20,801)

Level 35 (60,000/120,000/20,000)
Total PNIA Main Event Entries: 1,224
Total Players Remaining: 8
Chip Average: 3,060,000

9th Place: Schuyler Thornton ($20,801)

Schuyler Thornton rode the roller coaster of tournament variance for all of Day 2 as his stack swung to all ends of the spectrum. Thornton came into the final table on the shorter end of the stick and did not have matters helped by losing a big pot to Bob Beck.

The hand in question saw Beck move all-in for about 1,000,000 on a K♠88♠9♠ board. Thornton called with K♣10♣ and was nearly drawing dead against Beck’s A♣8♣. The river was a blank and Beck moved up to 4,100,000 while Thornton was crippled.

He was eliminated a few hands later and the final table is now down to eight players.