PNIA Main Event (Day 2): 17th Place-15th Place: Jamie Strickland, Andy Chubick & Tony Garza

y GaraLevel 31 (25,000/50,000/5,000)
Total PNIA Main Event Entries: 1,224
Total Players Remaining: 14
Chip Average: 1,750,000

Three more short stacks have hit the rail in rapid succession right at the end of Level 31. Brady Thorpe was the primary recipient of these knockouts as he sent two players to the rail and is up to 2,975,000. Thorpe now trails only Johanssy Joseph with a few eliminations before the next redraw.

16th Place: Andy Chubick ($11,267)
17th Place: Jamie Strickland ($11,267)

The first to go was Jamie Strickland who met his end at the hands of Joseph. Strickland was all-in for about 250,000 and found calls from Joseph and Allen Baker. A tiny side pot ensued between Baker and Joseph on the K♠6♣6Q♠Q♣ run out with Joseph turning over K♣9 to take the pot. With the bustout, Joseph is nearing 3,750,000 and is still the chip leader.

Andy Chubick followed Strickland out the door when he moved in for 400,000 with K♣Q♣.

15th Place: Tony Garza ($13,666)

Thorpe found a call with AK and avoided trouble on the board to send Chubick to the rail.

A few hands later, Tony Garza was all-in for 360,000 with Q8 and had to hit against the 99♠ of Thorpe. No help came, though, and Thorpe claimed another victim.


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