PNIA Main Event (Day 2): 12th Place – 10th Place: Allen Baker, Patrick Hesser & Adam Fathabadi ($20,801)

Level 34 (50,000/100,000/10,000)
Total PNIA Main Event Entries: 1,224
Total Players Remaining: 9
Chip Average: 2,720,000

In a stark contrast from Level 33, Level 34 has started off with a bang as the final table of nine is now set. With the average stack only at 20 big blinds at the start of the level, it was no surprise to see players hit the rail, but the nature of the bustouts certainly stood out.

11th Place: Patrick Hesser ($20,801)

The first to head out was Alan Baker, who was down to less than five big blinds at the start of the level. Baker moved all-in for 375,000 total and got a call from Johanssy Joseph. Baker was ahead with 10♣9♣ but Joseph was somewhat live with 10♠4♣. Baker was ahead but the A♣7♣4♠ flop paired Joseph. Despite having a flush draw, Baker could not catch up as Joseph took in the last of his stack.

12th Place: Alan Baker ($20,801)

Following Baker out the door was Patrick Hesser, who was unable to get much of anything going as the field narrowed down and saw his chips vanish into the stack of Miguel Hernandez. Hesser moved all-in for about 1,000,000 from under the gun and got a call from Hernandez with A♣J♠ which was a slight underdog to Hesser’s 99. The A♠K♠6♣ flop put Hernandez ahead and he held through the turn and river.

10th Place: Adam Fathabadi ($20,801)

The final player to out was Adam Fathabadi, who doubled up Adrian Buckley in a preflop confrontation when his jacks fell to Buckley’s aces. That hand moved Buckley to 3,500,000 while Fathabadi was left with 800,000. Fathabadi got his remaining chips in with Q9 and was up against the A♠9 of Buckley. Buckley was able to hold and Fathabadi was eliminated.

The final nine players are drawing for seats and will soon play down to the official final table of five.


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