PNIA Main Event (Day 2): Three-Way All-In Sends Defending Champion Kim Dao Out

Level 23 (5,000/10,000/1,000)
Total PNIA Main Event Entries: 1,224
Total Players Remaining: 81
Chip Average: 302,000

Miguel Hernandez has a fresh pile of chips to look after following a three-way all-in that sent defending champion Kim Dao to the rail. 

There will be a new PNIA Main Event Champion here at Choctaw as Kim Dao was recently dispatched to the rail in a hand that saw Miguel Hernandez simultaneously double-up and then some through Craig Varnell.

Varnell initially opened the action from early position and Dao flatted on the button. From the big blind, Hernandez moved all-in for about 105,000 which was followed by Varnell re-jamming to put Dao at risk. Dao called all-in for about 140,000 and the cards were on their backs.

Hernandez was ahead with K♣K♠ and had the straight outs of Varnell QJ and Dao A♣Q fairly well blocked. The J10♣9 flop gave all players a piece with Varnell picking up outs for the double knockout on the 5 turn. Dao had outs to survive but the Q♠ on the river would ship Hernandez the main pot to move over 350,000 while Varnell took in the side pot to remain steady at 375,000.

With the blinds continuing to move up we are likely to see more confrontations like this one in the upcoming levels.


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