PNIA Main Event (Day 2): Moving Day Set To Get Started

Level 19 (2,000/4,000/500)
Total PNIA Main Event Entries: 1,224
Total Players Remaining: 179
Chip Average: 137,000

This week’s Poker Night in America Main Event drew an incredible field of 1,224 entrants, 179 of which have moved on to today’s Day 2. For 135 of these players, a trip to the payout cage awaits. While making the money is an accomplishment in its own right, we imagine most players in today’s restart have their eyes set on the much bigger first place prize of $210,737.

Play will run today until five players are left in anticipation of tomorrow’s live stream final table. With so many talented players still in the field with piles in front of them, we expect many intriguing storylines to play out over the course of today’s session.

In anticipation of what will be a great day of poker, the Choctaw blog will be here when play kicks off at 12:00 pm as we move closer to hanging another Choctaw Championship Banner.


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