PNIA Main Event (Day 1C): On The Uptick

Level 12 (500/1,000/100)
Total PNIA Main Event Entries: 1,224
Total PNIA Main Event Day 1C Entries: 682

Total Players Remaining: 377

It was around this time yesterday when the big stacks in the field really started to pull away. That has not been the case today, though, as at last look, there are no players over 200,000. Despite that, there have been a few runners who have chipped up since dinner and are nearing that amount.


Cynthia Keller was among the first wave of chip leaders earlier today and has maintained that relative standing to this point. Keller is nearing 150,000 after gradually chipping up throughout play thus far. Most of Keller’s $39,000 in career earnings have come at Choctaw and to win her first ever tournament in Durant would certainly be a great accomplishment. 
Susan Hazelgrove flew under the radar for most of today but she is now right in the thick action with about 180,000 in front of her. Hazelgrove recently took second in a Pearl River Open event at Choctaw held last month and has her eyes set on besting that finish this weekend. 



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