PNIA Main Event (Day 1C): Schuyler Thorton First Over 200K

Level 13 (600/1,200/200)
Total PNIA Main Event Entries: 1,224
Total PNIA Main Event Day 1C Entries: 682

Total Players Remaining: 332

Schuyler Thornton is the first player to cross the 200,000 chip threshold and is on his way to bagging a prominent stack for Day 2. 

We are finally starting to see some potential chip leaders emerge from the pack and create distance from the field. After a recent lap around the Grand Theater, a few stacks stood out, most notably Schuyler Thorton. Thorton looks to be the first player to cross 200,000 and has given his tablemates anguish to the point where they were facetiously asking for a table change from the floor.

Thorton may be in the lead now but a few players are within shouting distance of him. It should be an exciting race to the finish and the Choctaw blog will be here to cover it all. Below is a look at the updated counts around the room.

Schuyler Thorton – 200,000
PJ Jafari – 185,000
Miles Walker – 170,000
Susan Hazelgrove – 165,000
Mitch Morgan – 145,000
Nick Klein – 140,000
Ryan Hardin – 130,000


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