PNIA Main Event (Day 1B): Three More Levels Down, Six To G0

Level 12 (500/1,000/100)
Total PNIA Main Event Entries: 542
Total PNIA Main Event Day 1B Entries: 355
Players Remaining: 139

The current chip leading stack of Justin Liberto that looms over the rest of the field. 

Another checkpoint has been reached in today’s Day 1B flight as players are on a short break. They will return to play three more levels before breaking for a final time and then playing an additional three before bagging their chips. It will be interesting to see if fatigue comes into play as the night carries on for the remaining players as for those who started play at the start of Level 1, it will have been a 14-hour day by the time Level 18 wraps up.

It may be a tortoise and hare situation for some, while others have kept things in neutral waiting to shift into a higher gear at the right time. The Choctaw blog will return on the other side of break with another look at the action.


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