PNIA Main Event (Day 1A): A Few Over Six Figures

Level 10 (300/600/100)
Total PNIA Main Event Entries: 188

Terry Presley has caught some post-dinner heat and is nearing the pace of Phillip Barch as the second half of Day 1A is underway. 

Phillip Barch has been the story of this Day 1A flight since Level 8 with his ever-growing chip stack that is now hovering close to the 200,000 mark. Since play resumed, though, a few players have made a push their push to try and catch and Barch. Among them, three have crossed into six-figure territory.

One of those three is Jeremy Meacham, who we featured earlier today. The other two, Marlon Caster and Terry Presley, have made their push in recent levels and are in a position to build even higher before the bags come out.

Presley is well accustomed to running deep in events similar to this PNIA Main Event as exampled by his Heartland Poker Tour victory in 2012 for a $76,00o score. That score marks the best of Presley’s career and he could be headed toward another cash of that caliber.A complete list of the big stacks in the room is provided below:

Phillip Barch – 180,000
Terry Presley – 135,000
Marlon Caster – 125,000
Jeremy Meacham – 110,000
Larry Bamsey – 85,000
Caufman Talley – 80,000
Kevin Duddlesten – 80,000
David Baker – 75,000


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